An open letter

Some people have one big dream in their lifetime. Me, Iíve got two of them!
My name is Kirsten Nehberg and I am an actress. After having studied acting from 1988-1992 in Hamburg/ Germany, Iíve been working mainly in German television and film. †

It is impossible to become an actor without having dreams. Some of them come true without effort and some need to be gently pushed.

My dream is to work with Jane Campion* and Woody Allen! 

For this reason I have been carrying my showreel in my handbag since 1992, in case I caught Ms Campion* or Mr. Allen at some airport, in a ladiesí restroom (well, her, not him), a department store somewhere on Earth ... wherever.  But until now, this has never happened. So, I am at a point where my dreams need to be pushed Ö maybe not too gently

My wish is not as absurd as it might seem because:  Woody Allen was born with a typewriter in his hands, he makes one film a year and Jane Campion* is known for working with womenÖ. See? It is not beyond the limits of possibility!

But in order to have at least a chance to get invited to a casting by one of them, they have to know that I exist.
1)  T o   g e t   J a n e   C a m p i o n*   t o   w a t c h   m y   s h o w r e e l

2)  T o   g e t   W o o d y   A l l e n   t o   w a t c h   m y   s h o w r e e l 

And here comes the challenge!

How can I get Ms Campion* and/or Mr Allen to take these eight minutes off their precious time to make them watch my tape?

For this I need help!

Who knows any people who are in a position to forward them my demotape and can persuade them to watch it?  
If you are THE ONE or if you know anybody who knows somebody who is close enough to them, please tell them about my page and go to my CONTACT site! Or go to my Contact site anyway.

Yours sincerely,

*11 weeks after having started to promote this letter I received an unexpected e-mail from Jane Campion's agent with the information that she would be happy to pass my showreel on.

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