about my wish


Are you the person I am looking for? Are you able to persuade Jane Campion or Woody Allen to watch my showreel? Please contact me and tell me how you can help me:

I would be interested to be at your disposal for professional interviews, castings etc, as I am a happy traveller.

As I do not yet have an agent (neither in Australia nor in the US), please feel free to send me a private message. (In Germany I am with: Ulf Ilgmann Agentur und Management)

HEADSHOTS can be seen, enlarged and printed out from this page, but please note that there is a copyright on the photographs.

SHOWREEL My Demo- DVD contains 12 portrait photos and 3 movie clips with a total running time of 8 minutes. For professional requests I will be happy to send you a copy of my DVD or go to my Shots & Reel page and follow this link.

At the following dates I might be in your city anyway so appointments could be combined:

Summer 2018, Hamburg, Germany

Please bookmark this page and keep checking for updates. Feel free to send me an email:

Yours sincerely,

Kirsten Nehberg